Woman Injured in Bear Attack

bearTerri Frana of Lake Mary, Florida, went to her garage Saturday night to get bikes for her kids to ride — and she was brutally attacked by a bead, according to her husband, Frank Frana.

Frank Frana also said that five bears were rummaging through their garbage cans on Saturday night. “The bear got up on its hind legs and started to maul her, opened its jaws and put her head in the mouth and dragged her towards the woods; somehow she was able to pull herself out,” Frank Frana said. The female bear started growling and then bit Terri’s head. Terri kicked, screamed, and punched and was luckily able to get out of the grasp of the bear.

After the bear attack, Terri needed 30 staples and ten stiches. Officials believe the bear responsible for the attack weighs around 200 lbs. The attack took place about 10 miles from where another woman, Susan Chalfant, was attached by a black bear while going for a walk last December.

These officials yelled at the bears and tried to get them to turn away, but the bears continued to approach the officials. The cause of the bear problem is people unknowingly feeding them. This includes litter, garbage cans, etc. The Florida Wildlife Officials shot one bear and put down four others.

–          Anee’ Allen

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, WESH.com

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