We are in the midst of prom season, and many of you probably want to get some color, whether from lying out in your lawn or going to the tanning bed.  Maybe some of you want to be tan before summer, so you have already started hitting the tanning bed. Yes, we have all been warned about the dangers of tanning over and over again, but this is because of how horrible it truly is for your skin.

New research shows that even a mild to moderate increase in sun exposure over an extended period, with or without sunburn, may significantly spur the growth of pigmented moles in children, thereby greatly increasing their risk of skin cancers.  It is not worth it.

Also, being excessively tan is slowly but surely going out of style.  If you insist on being tan, there are alternatives to unhealthy sun exposure.   You may be afraid to try a spray tan,but many dermatologist do professional spray tans that won’t look streaky.  Another tip for spray tanning is to get it done by hand and not a machine, which can give you an uneven skin tone. A cheaper alternative is Victoria’s Secret self-tanner.

The bottom line is that sun tanning is dangerous. You may think it looks beautiful now, but you will develop dark spots and deep wrinkles younger than you normally would. Skin cancers can kill you.  In the end, tanning is not worth the risks that come with it.

Maddie Dickerson



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