5 Things You Will Learn Your Freshman Year of College


  1. The dorm you live in can sometimes determine what type of friends you have and who they are.

Many colleges have separate dorms or floors divided by broad majors.  For example, the foreign language majors may have a separate floor so that the students can be close to people who are taking the same classes as they are.  Looking into this is highly recommended because it is a way of meeting friends that can be good, reliable study partners —  they may even end up being in the same classes that you are in.


  1. Even though you have the option to go out every night, do not utilize it. College is an exciting time to move away from parents and officially be living on your own with no mother’s voice telling you to be home by ten o’clock. However, it is vital that you keep that voice in your head to remind you that the ten page paper due tomorrow is more important than the frat party.  Another good thing to remember is the large amount of money you are paying for schooling.


  1. Making friends is not easy; it takes work, just like it did in high school. Think back to the start of your freshman year. If you did not come from a big grade school, it’s likely you did not know very many people here,and it was a challenge to find the right fit.  Although making friends is similarly hard in college, it is a tad easier because there are so many people to choose from.



  1. The things that you did that people thought were weird in high school?  Turns out some people in college love the same things. The geeky TV show that you love and everyone in high school thought you were weird for watching is probably aired weekly.  Philosophy and opinions are discussed freely, and it is okay to have a different opinion.  It’s all about finding your niche and being surrounded by others who feel the same.


  1. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Just because your parents are pushing you into a certain major because it has strong earning potential, don’t do it —  you may hate it and have to switch majors.  Don’t join a sorority just because you have legacy.  Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do because college is a time for freedom, a time to truly find out who you are through the things you like and want to do, not somebody else’s.

college-Gabby Reynolds

Sources: Thought Catalogue

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