Daycations from Cincinnati

What if taking a vacation was inexpensive and involved no plane ride or tiresome drive?  It can: it’s a new fad called a “daycation.” It’s perfect because you don’t have to miss out on a friend’s party or take off a ton of work days.  The best part is that after an exhausting day, you get to go home and sleep in your own bed.  A few places to visit from Cincinnati include:

African Safari Wildlife Park

This is the perfect place to go if you have younger siblings.  They will enjoy it and you won’t be bored.  It’s located in Northern Ohio’s Port Clinton which is only about three and a half hours from downtown Cincinnati. The attraction includes many different types of exotic animals such as zebras, Galapagos and Sulcata tortoises, camels and alpacas.  They also have quirky activities like pig racing and camel rides.


Louisville Mega Cavern

Mega Cavern is a cave in Louisville equipped with zip line courses and tram rides.  I have been there and would recommend it to anyone who has a thirst for adventure.  It’s just the thing to do on a day when you are free with friends or with family.  You have to be 17 to go without an adult.


Kentucky Down Under

Kentucky Down Under is about two and a half hours away.  This place is like a mini getaway to Australia.  From the bird garden to the Outback Walkabout,  you really get the feel of the Aboriginal life.  You are able to watch traditional didgeridoo performances and pet the kangaroos.  Kentucky Down Under is a unique and lively place to go for a day with friends and family.  A plus is that Mammoth Cave is very close to Kentucky Down Under — also a great place to go for a day.


Maddie Dickerson


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