Sandy Hook Killer’s Father Speaks Out

Father of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza is finally speaking out about the event and his son.  Peter Lanza in an interview described the struggle of coping with the event and comprehending his son’s actions.  Adam Lanza shot his mother and then gunned down 20 children and six teachers and educators on December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Peter Lanza told Time Magazine in a series of interviews that he believes that Adam Lanza would have murdered him, too, if Adam would have had the chance.  He says he often wonders if he had treated Adam differently and things would have turned out a different way.  However, the killings could not have been anticipated.  He went on to say that no matter how he would have changed the relationship between himself and Adam, no outcome could have been worse than the one that happened.  Peter Lanza also discussed emotionally and mentally beating himself up regularly because Adam was his son.  Also, he believes that because of his estranged relationship with Adam he would have been one of Adam’s first targets.  As Adam grew older, his mental health issues worsened, according to police reports.  In 2006 a Yale University professor diagnosed Lanza with profound autism spectrum disorder.  This disorder displays rigidity and isolation, and a lack of understanding of ordinary social interaction.  He also displayed symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Peter Lanza also says that Adam showed no affection.  Peter Lanza finally said he wished Adam would have never been born, but he then took the comment back, saying that he misspoke and that he just did not recognize his son anymore.  As horrible as the event was for the victims’ families, the pressure and the scrutiny has to be just as hard for the family members of Adam Lanza.

–          Gabbby Reynolds

Source-Fox News


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