Meet McAuley’s new principal, Mr. Dan Minelli!



While Mr. Minelli was recently touring the halls of McAuley, I had the opportunity to have a quick interview with him, allowing me to introduce the future principal of McAuley to you.

“What are you excited about for next year?”

Mr. Minelli is extremely excited about the reality that he will be a part of the McAuley community next year. He cannot wait for the opportunity to bring his skills and knowledge to our atmosphere. After working with teenaged-boys for 16 years, he is excited to make the transition to an all-girls Catholic high school. The motto he installed among his former male students, he plans to install amongst the young women of McAuley, and that is to grow into “good, strong, confident women.”

“What do you see as the biggest differences between all-girl and all-boy schools?”

“Definitely the pitch of voices,” he responded jokingly. He added more humor, saying that on a humid day, there will not be overwhelming sweat and testosterone in the halls of McAuley.  He definitely noticed more ownership of expression in our hallways and classrooms. He was amazed by all of the raffle decorations and art pieces, especially the seniors’. “Boys don’t decorate,” he said. “Girls are a lot more fun!”

“What’s something interesting about yourself that McAuley girls don’t know?”

Mr. Minelli is a professional musician. He plays guitar and sings. He’s been doing liturgical music for 25 years, and he’s been in a few different bands, such as blues and blue grass. He’s been playing the same guitar for 39 years. On a side note, he wanted to add that he is definitely a dog person who tolerates cats.

Welcome, Mr. Minelli! We look forward to having you here next year!

-Laura Hils

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