Is Showering Necessary?

Odds are many of us shower pretty frequently (we hope), but what if I told you that your daily showering habits were actually harmful to your skin?  Dr. Casey Carlos explains  that soap is designed to get rid of oils, and only some places on our bodies have oil that should be washed.  These areas include armpits, feet, and the groin area.  Our legs, chest, and arms get dried out by soaps.  Dr. Carlos says, “People don’t realize that the skin does a pretty good job of cleaning itself.”  It’s been a brutal winter but forget about those steaming hot showers. The heat actually dries out your skin.  That tight feeling you may feel after a shower that seems so clean is actually a sign that your skin is too dry. Dry skin leads to pre mature aging, eczema, and dermatitis.  One way to avoid the dryness is to immediately put moisturizer on post shower.

showerMaddie Dickerson

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