5 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

prom1For you LAX girls out there, you can get creative with your lacrosse equipment! Spell out “prom” on the field with your lacrosse balls, stick, and a cone.






prom2You can rummage through your younger siblings’ old legos and spell out a witty phrase like,” Lego to prom?” It doesn’t take much to construct.






prom3If you want to make your potential date work a little for your proposal, you could create a puzzle for him to solve. All you need is paper, markers, scissors, and a box to put the pieces in!





prom4Love balloons?  You can fill up his entire room with them!  Get your friends to help you write “prom” on them! All you need is a sharpie marker and 50 balloons! Make sure there are no pointy objects around…





prom5Everyone loves a good pizza! Contact a pizza parlor and ask if they can spell out “prom” using pepperoni. Then, when you are hanging out with your potential prom date (fingers crossed), you can suggest ordering a pizza. For those of you who like to cook your own food, find a homemade pizza recipe online and surprise your date when he comes over.

–          Anee Allen

Source: Buzzfeed

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