World’s Oldest Know Holocaust Survivor Dies at 110

The world’s oldest known Holocaust survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer, died recently at the age of 110. Sommer played the piano, and her devotion to music is what helped her survive her two years in a Nazi prison camp. The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life is a documentary that was made about her life inside of the prison camp. The documentary won the award for best short documentary at the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2. One of the producers of the film, Nick Reed, states that helping Alice tell her story was a “life-changing experience.”

Sommer would participate in concerts for other prisoners in the camps. She said, “These concerts, the people are sitting there, old people, desolated and ill, and they came to the concerts and this music was for them our food. Music was our food. Through making music we were kept alive.”

Sommer touched and inspired many lives through her music, positive attitude, and strength. Even after all of the horrible things that she had been through, Sommer said she forgave the Nazis because they were human. Sommer was a wonderful example of a genuine person, and even though she is gone, her legacy will continue to inspire people forever.



Ally Engel

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