Paralympian Competes in Soshi … and Finds Birth Parents

Jessica Long made the trip half way around the world to the Paralympics in Russia.  She did compete in swimming, but more importantly, she also was able to meet her birth parents.  Long’s birth parents gave her up for adoption because of her disability, no bones in her lower legs; little did they know she would amount to so much.  The reason they gave Jessica to an orphanage is because the doctors convinced them that they would not be able to care for their crippled baby.

Natalia and Oleg are her birth parents, and they had their second daughter, Nastya, a year after Long. Ironically, she was born with a similar condition, infantile cerebral paralysis, but they decided to keep her.

Jessica long has no hard feelings towards her birth parents. She said on twitter, “Meet my Russian family. I love them more than words can say. My heart is so full.”

Jessica Long

Jessica is in the middle with her biological family.

Maddie Dickerson

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