worry1.            How you look today

As women, one of our major concerns usually is how we look.  We may not even realize we are critiquing or worrying about how we look; sometimes it will just come naturally. Worrying about if you’re having a bad hair day and that everyone is looking at you is common.  Or the dreaded zit that showed up overnight that you feel looks like the size of Mount Everest? Surely everyone is staring at it. Ladies, stop worrying about how you look today.  It might seem easier said than done, but if we channel that worry into something else, we would have a lot more time to think about other things!


2.            Did I just ask a stupid question in class?

No question is a stupid question.  If you do not understand something, then ask the question!  Do not sit in class confused because you are worried that someone else is going to think that you have the IQ of a squirrel.  Chances are if you have a question, at least one more person in your class has the same one and is just as scared as you are to ask it.


3.            Being judged for what you are eating

Many women’s go-to phrase is “Would you guys judge me if I eat this?”  If you want the french-fries or the candy bar, treat yourself!  Do not “food shame” yourself anymore.  Eat what you want to because you deserve to treat yourself.  This goes for McAuley cookies, as well!  If you want more than one, go for it.


4.            Looking stupid while dancing

Who cares?  Don’t let this worry stop you from going to dances.  No one is going to remember your off beat dancing or your terrible moves Monday morning when you return to school.  This is because if you look around at a dance, everyone looks silly, and no one really is all that great at it.  If you are an actual dancer, then you are gifted and probably should share some of the talent with those of us who are less fortunate!


5.            That you do not have plans this weekend and you automatically assume something is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with you because you do not have plans this weekend.  Take the time to spend with yourself.  Head to the mall and grab a cup of coffee.  Then at night pick out your favorite silly movie, one that will make you laugh.  Even better, appreciate the time you have and spend it with your family.  As teenagers we are always on the go and often don’t take the time to step back and appreciate our families.  Instead of being, upset turn this into a positive situation, not a negative.


-Gabby Reynolds



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  1. Jim Braley says:

    Gabby, I really like this post. It is so important to remind young women that they have the power to decide what is important in their lives. You did a nice job touching on some issues I’m sure are on the minds of young ladies in high school.

    I’m also posting here to let you know I posted about your McMoments school blog. You can find that post here:

    Plus I like Top 5 lists!

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