Red Nail Polish Can Save Your Life

In the world of social media, electronics at our fingertips, and a need to be constantly connected, it’s hard to detach yourself from the world for even a few minutes. But the harsh reality is, those few minutes could save your life.

Did you know…

-1.3 million crashes involve texting and driving

– 77% of adults say they are comfortable to talk on the phone while driving, and 55% of teens say “it’s easy to text and drive.”

-48% of young drivers have been in the car while their driver was using a cell phone

-1 in 5 drivers confess to surfing the internet while driving

-Texting and driving is now the leading cause of death for teen drivers

Not convinced yet to set down the phone? Check out these intense facts:

red nails

A simple, yet quite effective solution has been found. Pass the bottle of red nail polish around and Paint your thumb nail red. Encourage others to do so, as well. This is a constant reminder that each time you pick up your phone to text while driving, you should set it back down. It reminds you to STOP and value your life and the lives of others around you. It might seem silly at first, but when people ask, it will raise awareness and inspire others to take that step towards becoming a text-free driver.

Watch the video below and inspire others to stop texting while driving. Those few moments could save your life.

-Laura Hils


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