Omaze is Amazing!

Do you want to ride in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Spend a day with the cast of Downton Abbey on the set in London? is a website founded because they believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live the best life. The founders and best friends, Matt and Ryan, started Omaze after attending a benefit hosted by Magic Johnson. Johnson was auctioning off a chance to sit courtside with him at a Lakers Game. Matt and Ryan, die-hard Laker fans, wanted nothing more than to win the contest, but, being in grad school and not having a lot of money prevented them from keeping up with the $15,000 bids. It was in that moment that they decided these great experiences should not be limited to a select group of people. makes winning the same kind of opportunities possible with just a $10 dollar donation for a chance to win. Because of the number of people who enter the contests, a significant amount of money is raised while raising awareness for a good cause. All of the money raised from each contest goes to a different deserving cause. Why not take a chance at experiencing your dream day while helping make the world better? Go to today!


Omaze winners hanging out with the cast of True Blood

Ally Engel


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