Olympian Trying to Adopt Stray Sochi Puppies

If you are lucky enough to compete in the Olympics, you hope to come home with medal.  Olympian Gus Kenworthy won the silver medal in slope style skiing, but he is hoping to bring home something more: a family of stray dogs. Gus has postponed his trip home for over a week to fill out paperwork in order to adopt the mother and four puppies he discovered near the media center in Sochi. Once the adoption is final, the animals will fly half way around the world to Colorado where Kenworthy lives.  He says “They are the cutest things ever….Almost a fairy tale. I’ve been a dog lover all my life. To find the cutest family of strays here at the Olympics was just a fairy tale way to have it go down. Hopefully I’ll bring them back with me.” Kenworthy and the five pups are getting more attention than the medals he and other U.S. Olympians Joss Christensen and Nick Goepper received. Kenworthy has even gotten a tweet from pop star Miley Cyrus about the adorable dogs.


Maddie Dickerson



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