Five Amazing Places to Stay in Around the World

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Mihir Garh in Rajastan, India

This luxurious resort resembles a sand castle. The “Mihir Garh “literally means “the Sun Fortress.” It is made out of wattle, mud and wood. The website has a list of eco policies that asks guests to respect the Earth.

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Cradle Mountain Lodge, Tasmania, Australia

The view from this luxurious spa is a collection of King Billy pine trees. Guests can decide between couples’ or family cabins and will be spoiled by the facility’s five-star service. According to the spa’s website, “Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge provides the perfect haven to escape, rejuvenate, indulge and explore.”

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Prendiparte B&B, Bologna, Italy

The ancient Prendiparte tower has become a private shelter for those who are fascinated with the things of the past. The tower has twelve floors, all of which can be accessed by guests.

Bokeo Reserve, Laos

stay 4


This getaway is located directly above a jungle valley. The guests stay in tree houses and use a zip line cable to network through the forest in search of the Black Gibbon, an endangered species of apes.

Saugerties Lighthouse, New York

stay 5


This historic landmark is located 100 miles north of New York City. In the mid-1990s, the lighthouse was turned into a two-room bed and breakfast. The guests have the opportunity to gather around a toasty coal stove in the winter or enjoy cool river breezes in the summer.

-Anee Allen


Lonely Planet

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  1. backpackbee says:

    Gosh, I’d stay at any of these places…. swoon!

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