There is a new golden boy in the United States, and he goes by the name of TJ Oshie.  If you did not know that TJ Oshie has played in the NHL for 6 years, on Saturday in Sochi Russia you certainly found out he was playing for team USA.  TJ Oshie is a twenty-seven year old NHL hockey player for the St. Louis Blues.  Oshie was drafted in 2005 alongside big names like Sydney Crosby.  However, before making his debut on the NHL scene, he played college hockey at the University of North Dakota.  If you did not know any of this, after Saturday you found out TJ Oshie as a vital member of the team USA men’s hockey team.

The nail biting hockey match between Russia and the United States was an evenly matched game, with both teams stacked with talent.  The teams played sixty minutes of regulation and five minutes of overtime.  After playing through overtime, the teams were tied two to two, sending the game into a shootout.

Olympic shootouts differ from regular NHL shootouts.  Coaches designate three different skaters to take a shot on the goalie.  If no one comes out victorious with a higher number of made shots, the shootout continues. However, the coach may continue to send the same shooter or mismatch shooters throughout the rest of the shootout.

On Saturday TJ Oshie was Coach Dan Bylsma’s go-to skater, taking six shots in the eight rounds of the shootout.  Oshie scored four out of his six attempts one being the goal that ended the game in an USA victory.  The goal not only lead the United States to victory; it also sent Oshie into stardom.  Oshie gained over 40,000 Twitter followers in a matter of thirty minutes!

Many people began to call Oshie a hero; even Pierre McGuire who interviewed Osie after the game called him a hero.  However, Oshie’s crowning glory may have been his response to his hero title, “The American heroes are wearing camo. That’s not me.” What an amazing athlete, one the Unite States can be very proud of.

Facts about TJ Oshie

  1. These are TJ Oshie’s first Olympic games
  2. Oshie has a Twitter:  it is @osh74
  3. Don’t get too attracted to him — he is not available. He has a long term girlfriend who is also expecting their first child
  4. He celebrated the biggest moment of his career with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  5. Oshie does not turn down a challenge from his friends.  In fact, they once dared him to get a perm for a couple hundred bucks, and he accepted it.



Sources – ESPN, Washington Post, St. Louis Blues, Town Hall, New York Post

–          Gabby Reynolds

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