Three waitresses were chatting on their down time while rolling silverware on a snowy Saturday morning.  The three women were conversing about life, their bills, and student loans.  Little did they realize an angel was overhearing their conversations and would answer their prayers.

An anonymous woman handed each of the three women a check for $5,000.  They were working their normal shift Saturday at the Boone County Family Restaurant, in Caledoni, Illinois, while a middle age woman was sitting alone at the dinning counter.  The woman asked the three women their names, and moments later, she handed each member of the trio each a check for five thousand dollars.

The woman is said to have dined at the restaurant before but was not a regular customer.  The waitress that was waiting on the woman had quit school to begin working to help support herself and was talking about the fact that if she had the money, she would go finish school.  Another was worried about her school loans, and the third woman needed money to finish her criminal justice schooling.

Their angel had overheard them and wanted to help.  The women stuck the checks in their pockets and began to cry.  Before the woman could leave anonymously, they insisted that she not pay for her bill.

The checks were really real and not a hoax.  It was just a stranger who wanted to pass kindness onto those who needed it.

What kindness will you pass on today?


-Gabby Reynolds

Source: Yahoo News

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