Should Celebrities be Held to a Higher Standard Than Everyone Else?

Most kids, growing up, have a particular celebrity that they idolize. Unfortunately, when a celebrity whom millions of kids admire “messes up,” he or she is shamed and called a bad influence. My question is: Should we hold celebrities to a higher standard than everyone else?

Celebrities, no matter how rich or how popular, are human beings, too. They are going to make mistakes just like the rest of us. The only difference between them and us is that they are under the scrutiny of the entire world. Clearly, not many kids adore someone who starts off as a bad, rebellious person. They become infatuated with someone who appears innocent and who appears to have a bright future ahead.

Lauren Wheeler wrote an article about this topic and said,” If we are going to make one celebrity a role model, shouldn’t that standard fall to all of them?” Wheeler also wrote, “And when someone who is looked up to does something bad, I think that is an unfortunate situation- but they shouldn’t be smeared by the public and the media just because they did something bad.”

I agree. Just because they are superstars does not mean that they are super humans.


source: The Celebrity Cafe

Anee’ Allen

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