The time has finally come McAuley-Raffle is here! The decorating, ticket selling and strategic planning has begun. This year, however, there has been a change. Instead of Skyline being the restaurant presented on the raffle ticket, Larosa’s has now taken its place. The new deal states that if you buy one large pizza, you get a medium pizza completely free. This deal is sure to lure in many new ticket buyers. For the past couple months, every grade has been putting in their ideas about how to help there grade win this year’s raffle. The freshman’s theme for this school year is Family Game Night. Their hall decorations are focusing on board games such as Clue and Scrabble. The sophomores have chosen New York to be their theme this year, focusing on the beautiful buildings and city life occurring in the big apple. Coming in third place last year, the class of 2015 managed to reach 152% of their goal, not far behind from the second place class of 2013. The two consecutive year raffle winners, the juniors, have chosen the App Store as their theme this year. The juniors had managed to achieve 158% of their goal last year, taking out the 2013 class by near 2% difference. Last but not least, the seniors have chosen Holidays for this year’s raffle theme. Coming in a close second place their first two years at McAuley and slipping to last place last year, the seniors are ready to come back with a vengeance. On January 24th, 2014, raffle will officially begin. Which grade will be this year’s raffle winner?

raffle 3 raffle 1 raffle 2 raffle 4–Megan Mulvaney

Source: Mrs. Kampschmidt

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