On the Cover of the Rolling Stone ..

Though the title of this article references an old song by Dr. Hook, the concept is brand new:  Pope Francis is the first – and perhaps only – Pope on the cover of the the iconic Rolling Stone magazine.

The cover article is called, “The Times They Are A-Changin’: Inside the Pope’s Gentle Revolution,”  a lengthy profile by Mark Binelli, a reporter who spent time inside the Vatican to report on Pope Francis’ swift break from tradition.Pope 1

Binelli calls Pope Francis “a people’s Pope” and cites many instances of the Pope’s connection with the “common people.” For example, the Pope recently swigged a traditional Braiilan drink handed to him by someone in a crowd, much to the horror of his bodyguards. Unlike previous Popes, he does not live in the Papal Palace, opting for a small two room apartment in the Vatican complex. Pope Francis additionally chooses to take his meals with the Cardinals rather than alone in swanky surroundings.

The Pope has been on several other magazine covers, including Time Magazine, which named him the 2013 Person of the Year, The New Yorker, and the Italian version of Vanity Fair.

Many people say that Pope Francis’s appeal to the world has been just short of phenomenal, especially when compared to that of other recent Popes. An appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine certainly gives credence to this opinion.

Pope 3 Pope 2 Pope 4

Sources: Huffingtonpost.com, yahoo.com

Staff Reporter, McMoments


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