A Bright Future for the Cincinnati Reds


Everybody mark your calendars for April 1st! The Cincinnati Reds will be taking on the Los Angeles Angels in the first interleague Opening Day game in MLB history. The first pitch for the game is scheduled for 4:10 p.m. The 94th annual Findlay Market Opening Day Parade will take place prior to the game.

According to the article 10 Bold Predictions for the 2013 MLB season, The Cincinnati Reds will be going to the World Series this year. The Reds were very successful in 2012, winning 97 games and falling just short of beating the Giants in the NLDS, and they should only improve in 2013. They were nearly good enough to win the pennant last year, and with a better roster, they could get it done this season. The Reds’ starting rotation should only get better. They kept all of the starters from last year while adding “flame-thrower” Aroldis Chapman to the mix. The lineup hasn’t changed much except for Shin-Shoo Choo is replacing the weaker-hitting Drew Stubbs. Also, if Joey Votto can stay healthy and play a full season this year, that would be very beneficial.

2013 Cincinnati Reds Stat Predictions: The Starting Rotation:

Player (2013 Proj.) W-L ERA WHIP IP K/9 GS
1. Johnny Cueto 15-9 3.15 1.20 200 7.0 31
2. Mat Latos 16-8 3.55 1.15 190 8.5 30
3. Homer Bailey 13-10 3.85 1.30 195 7.5 32
4. Bronson Arroyo 10-13 4.45 1.28 200 5.35 33
5. Aroldis Chapman 10-8 4.50 1.35 150 8.55 25
(6. Mike Leake) 4-5 4.25 1.33 77 5.5 14



Here is the Reds’ game schedule for the upcoming 2013 season:


–          Emma Jenkins





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